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School Day

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Typically, our school is open for 6.5 hours per day, 32.5 hours per week.


Nursery: 8.45 a.m - 11.45 a.m

KS1: 8.40 a.m - 12.00 p.m

KS2: 8.40 a.m - 12.15 p.m

Teaching staff are in the classrooms from 8.40 a.m. onwards, at which time the children are welcomed into school and learning begins. We do ask that parents assist with these arrangements by ensuring that their child is in school promptly.


KS1: 12.50 p.m - 3.15 p.m

KS2: 1 p.m – 3.15 p.m


All children must be collected PROMPTLY at the end of the school day.

Car Parking​

For the safety of everyone, we request that parents do not park in the service road at the back of Morrisons. It is illegal to park on any yellow zig-zag lines outside of a school.


Whenever possible, please walk to school to avoid traffic congestion and, if this is not possible please park at some distance from the school.

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