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From left to right: Graeme Renwick, Rev Jim Perry, Jayne Dolphin, Terry Bullock, Kate Goode, Abigail Ratcliffe, Angela Daniel, Rachel Padfield, Dawn McTurk, Richard Ling, Jan Pooler

The governors of St Paul’s Primary School are delighted to serve this school and community to fulfil their desire that all children and adults can flourish. We are dedicated to ensure the future success of the school in which everyone achieves their God-given potential. St Paul’s has a reputation for providing education in a very supportive Christian environment. We seek to encourage and ‘build each other up’. (I Thessalonians 5:11).

We are a team of committed volunteers who bring our own: talents, skills, knowledge, experience and hopes, to fulfil the key roles of a Church of England school’s governing body:

  • To set distinctively Christian visions and values for our school

  • To set policies for our school in the context of it's vision and values

  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of our school in terms of its vision and values

  • To maintain the high standards of our school by managing all of the available resources in the best interests of our pupils

  • To ensure that there is an effective culture of safeguarding

  • Put all decisions and discussion within the context of the Christian foundation of the school

During the course of the last Ofsted Inspection (June 2017) our school was highly praised for 'ensuring that all pupils receive wide and rich learning experiences' and that our school has 'developed an exceptional curriculum'. We will strive to ensure that this continues to be the case: to create a happy and stimulating environment in which our children will feel secure and be able to acquire: wisdom, knowledge, skills and the will to use them through the high quality teaching and learning that St Paul’s offers. 

None of our governors have declared interests regarding contracts within the school or with companies and securities.


All of our Governors have voting rights.

Governing Board Structure
Full Governing Body

Chair: Kate Goode
Vice Chair: Jim Perry

'Building Up'
Curriculum and Standards Committee

Abigail Ratcliffe

Rachel Padfield

Graeme Renwick

Admissions Committee

Jim Perry

Angela Daniel

'Building Bridges'
Christian Ethos Committee

Revd Jim Perry

Rachel Padfield

Abigail Ratcliffe

Angela Daniel

+ staff and community members

Appraisal Committee

Kate Goode - Review Officer Appraisal
Jim Perry

Appeals Committee

Any three Governors who are not members of staff, without an interest and who were not involved in the deliberations of the original committee(s)

Finance and Premises Committee

Chair: Jayne Dolphin

Kate Goode

Richard Ling

Angela Daniel

Graeme Renwick

Jan Pooler

Safeguarding Committee

Jim Perry

Terry Bullock

Dawn McTurck

Graeme Renwick

Jan Pooler

Angela Daniel

St. Paul's
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